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Planet Akua

General Information

Akua is the starting planet for Survival mode gameplay since pre-alpha 3.0.0.

The planet is temperate and quite similar to the Earth, concerning environment and climate. The air contains breathable oxygen, so it is recommended to keep your helmet off while on the surface. As on the other planets, you can find all basic ores on Akua.


  • Type: Temperate
  • Gravity: 8.24ms^2 = 0.84g
  • Atmospheric Density: 1,317kg/m³
  • Mean Temperature: 23°C
  • Moons: 1
  • Length of a Rotation: 24h
  • Diameter: 2608m




  • Cobaly, Neodymium, Sathium, Erestrum, and Zascosium ores do not spawn on Akua.These ores can be found in containers at POIs across the map. Cobalt can be found as an ore on Akua Moon.


  • There are three hostile species on Akua: Drones, Plant Monsters, and Woodwalkers.
  • The mountains and large oceans provide a beautiful impression when looking outside the window of your base, though the high mountains can make travelling with a hover vessel rather difficult and very boost-intensive.

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