You can craft many items in Empyrion Galactic Survival. You can make tools, weapons, ships, bases, food, medicine and more!

In order to craft, you need to use devices like a Constructor Block, Food Processor, Oxygen Generator or Water Generator. There are Large Constructors for Bases (BA) and Capital Vessels (CV). Then there are Small Constructors for Hover Vehicles (HV) and Small Vessels (SV) and contained in every beginner's Escape Pod.


There are Large Constructors for use on Bases (BA) and Capital Vessels (CV), then there are Small Constructors for use on Hover Vehicles (HV) and Small Vessels (SV). Constructors must be powered to work.

All items you can craft in the constructor are in one of the four tabs (Tools, Building Blocks, Components, or Devices). Hover over the icon to find the required "Input Items" or use the Constructor Schematics page.

Fill the inventory of the constructor with the required "Input Items" for the template you are trying to make. Then click the template icon to add it to the queue. Shift-Click to make 10. As of the latest version, if you are using an Advanced Constructor then you can simply place the input items (ore ingots) into the constructor's inventory, select the schematic you want to build and the constructor will produce all items needed to make the selected schematic.

Note: You must turn off the constructor to remove items from the queue (turning it off and clicking on the item in the queue will remove one ordered item of that type). Turning it back on will continue production from the point it stopped.

Food and Medicine

Use a Food Processor in the same way as a constructor to make both Food and Medicine. See the Food Processor Recipes to see what you can make and what it will take.

The Growing Plot block is crafted in the Food Processor.

Oxygen and Water

Oxygen is bottled by an Oxygen Generator.

Water is bottled by a Water Generator.