Current Limitations

Please keep in mind that the game is still in early development and the Closed Pre-Alpha version is far from being a finished game, which means you should expect bugs and disruptions in service. In addition, the content of the Closed Pre-Alpha is still restricted but will be extended over time. In particular, the current version has the following limitations:

  • Restricted size of the “universe”: the current version consists of only one “sector” with 4 planets:
    • Omicron: desert planet (starting point of Survival mode)
    • Omicron moon: barren planet
    • Ningues: snow planet
    • Aestus: lava planet
    • Asteroid field in the center of the sector
    • We plan to extend this setting step by step: 1. increase size of planets and distance between planets, 2. place planets in a solar system with the sun in the center, 3. generate several solar systems, 4. generate the whole galaxy.
  • Multiplayer restrictions:
    • In multiplayer all players have to be in the same “playfield” (planet or orbit)
    • Player have to switch playfields together (via passenger seats)
    • Currently, if the server (host) leaves a playfield alone, the other players are then automatically teleported in the new playfield. If the client changes playfield alone, there might be issue
    • We plan to get rid of this restriction as soon as possible.
  • Restricted areas on planets: the poles on each planet are not accessible
    • In space: there are orange sphere colliders on the north and south pole of each planet to prevent a player from entering a planet close to the poles.
    • On planet: there are orange plane collider on the north and south pole (running from east to west) to prevent a player from leaving a planet close to the poles.
    • There is a technical reason due to the distortions on the poles from mapping a sphere to a plane
    • In addition, there are 2 green walls running from north to south on each planet: you can penetrate these wall but you cannot interact with another player (NPC etc) on the other side of the wall
    • We plan to get rid of these distortions and thus also the colliders as soon as possible.
  • Construction solidity of constructions not yet integrated: e.g. if you build a tower and remove the foundation it will not collapse. Same is true for a spaceship: even if a part is not connected to the main structure it will continue to be a “child” of the main structure.
  • Realistic specifications of blocks (weight, hit points, etc) not yet final
  • Infinite ammo of spaceship weapons and turrets
  • Maximum size of constructions: currently, we still have a limit of 250 blocks in the horizontal and 250 blocks in the vertical. The horizontal limitation will be removed soon, the vertical limitation will be a bit harder to remove.
  • Mothership (capital vessel) can still enter planet (but attached small vessels are “left behind”) -> later we will probably prevent capital vessel from entering