Promethium Fuel

Fuel Packs are currently the only way to power structures and devices in Empyrion. Each type of Fuel Pack has an energy content rating in kWh (fuel value). They're quick to manufacture, low cost, and easy to employ to fill your Fuel Tanks and keep your base operating around the clock!


Fuel Packs are added to a multitude of devices, either directly or indirectly. Direct use means that a fuel pack is placed into the devices' Energy Items compartment. Indirect means that you place the fuel pack into a Fuel Tank and then a Power Generator uses the fuel to create power.

Direct Devices currently include: Oxygen Generators, Water Generators, and H2/O2 Generators.

Indirect Devices currently include: Small Generators, Large Generators, and Generators.

In any case, to use a Fuel Pack, use the default 'T' key to open the device interface when you are looking at a device. (Like an Oxygen Generator). Add Fuel Packs to the Energy Items compartment. For Fuel Tanks, add them to the Container compartment. The devices take care of the rest!


Fuel Packs are also employed as materials for certain recipes. For example, to craft Drill Charges, you need 1 Fuel Pack and 5 metal pieces.

Refer to Constructor Schematics for more places in which a Fuel Pack is used.

Constructor Schematic

Required Ore Refined Material Final Product
=> 10x
Promethium Pellets
=> 2x
Promethium Fuel
Promethium Ore Promethium Pellets Fuel Pack

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