There are many types of generators. They are Small Generators, Generators, Oxygen Generators, Water Generators, and Gravity Generators. This page refers to Small Generators and Generators. Refer to Oxygen Generators, and Water Generators for their information.

Power Generator Uses

Generators are a necessary component to any vehicle as they turn Fuel Packs from Fuel Tanks into power. Small Generators, and Large Generators are used in BAs (bases), and CVs (capital vehicles) while Generators are used on SVs (Small Vehicles) and GVs (Ground Vehicles).

Generators depend on a Fuel Tank, which does not need to be near, around, or even attached to a generator in order to provide it with fuel. A Fuel Tank (filled with at least one Fuel Pack) can simply be placed on the same Core the Generator(s) in order to provide them with fuel.

The power provided by Generators is used by the devices attached to the core that the Generator is powering. To view the devices attached to a core simply hit the default 'P' key to open the control panel. Here you can see which devices require power from the Generator, and how much energy the Generator is producing.

Every generator has an Energy Out level which measures the maximum amount of power that it can supply to connected devices. Small generators provide 1 MW of power or 1000 KWs. Large Generators provide 10 MW. Generators provide 1.2 MW.

In the control panel, on the bottom right hand side, you can see the Max Output and Consumption values. That is the Energy Out of the Generator, and the amount of power devices are currently using. The Power Usage value is calculated by Consumption / Max Output. Then multiplied by 100 to change the value into the percent that is displayed. The higher the % the more Fuel Packs that the Generator will take from the Fuel Tank.

Power Generator Construction

The Small Generator and Generator can be crafted at a Small Constructor while the Large Generator requires a Large Constructor.

Small Generators require: 12 Metal Components, 2 Capacitor Devices, 1 Reactor Core, 2 Control Devices, 3 Electronics, and 2 Computers to build.

Generators require: 10 Metal Components, 1 Capacitor Device, 1 Reactor Core, 2 Control Devices, 3 Electronics, and 1 Computer to build.

Large Generators require: 25 Metal Components, 4 Capacitor Devices, 3 Reactor Cores, 2 Control Devices, 6 Electronics, 4 Computers, and 5 Power Coils to build.