H2/O2 Generators periodically create both Oxygen Bottles and Hydrogen Bottles. Specifically, the bottles are generated alternately at 120s (real time) intervals, beginning with a Hydrogen Bottle.

Note that H2/O2 Generators cannot be powered by Fuel Pack (Hydrogen); they can only use Fuel Pack (Promethium) (large or small). At present, the generator's power usage is about 70kW (not the 10kW stated in-game). One Fuel Pack (Promethium) therefore powers it for about 42 minutes (real time), and generates 10-11 Oxygen Bottles and Hydrogen Bottles.

H2/O2 generators are one of the most efficient uses of your Fuel Pack (Promethium). Empyrion survivors know: Power this advanced generator with the Promethium packs, and get more than enough Hydrogen packs to power everything else.

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