Hi There guys,

this is merely a post for information purposes. as i would like to get it once i start playing a game. there are tutorials on how to do a lot of things but not everything is always clear and could be miss understood. so i have decided to make a note on the start up of the New Patch Akua Survival Mode.

im posting these notes as i go along. i might jump a bit back and forth but should keep it rather in line. Be sure to check in for updates. i will try and keep the notes as simple en explanatory as possible for the first time players.

this is just some basic info on how to start up when arriving on Akua.

  1. "use" key by default is "F", i changed mine to "E". gamer habit. press "E" to get out of the pod. then again look at pod while facing pod press "E" to open inventory of pod. when screen opens. look for a little arrow on the right hand side. this shortcuts all the items to your inventory. to access your inventory press "tab". then put items in your left hand column with number shortcuts to use while in the playing field. to quickly move the items from your inventory into your playing column. hold down "Right Shift" and Left Click on item. this will move over to the next available slot on the left hand column starting from the top "1", down to the bottom "0".
  2. When equipping your gun, the bullets just have to be in your inventory to use them. they don't have to be in the column to be used. same goes for your drill Charges, F&F Charges, Multi Charges and Bio Fuel.
  3. Fist look at the highest level of concentration for ore deposits. place your survival constructor more or less in the middle between all of them so the mining is not far away. make sure that you are close to a big water source, as this will help be close to sea weed for making Bio Oil for your Drill.
  4. pickup a few Corn dogs and eat them as you go along to aid you in the hunger of your character.
  5. also press the "U" button when on land as this will take off your helmet and not use oxygen. but when entering the water to get Sea Weed you need to put your helmet on. i always look for the seaweed first so that i can make bio fuel for my drill. as you don't get a lot in the in the Pod.

i don't always have a lot of time to update. feel free to reach out to me at for more info. i will update the page as i get time and play more.

Work hard, Play Harder!!


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