There are 3 types of ship in Empyrion: Galactic Survival and each has variants of thrusters available to be used.

These thrusters are available for directional motion on the CV (Starship), SV (Small Vessel) and GV (Ground Vehicle).

The Ground Vehicle needs a Hover Engine.This type of thruster only mounts underneath and provides a 2m rise to the vehicle.

 A separate Hover Engine does not need to be crafted as the initial blocks for a GV include one.
  • Hover Engine - Ground Vehicle only
  • Directional Thruster - (SV)Small ship, (GV) Ground Vehicle, (CV) Starship.
  • Slanted Thruster - (SV) Small Ship, (GV) Ground Vehicle, (CV) Starship.
  • Standard Thruster - (SV) Small Ship, (GV) Ground Vehicle, (CV) Starship.
  • Rounded Thruster - (SV) Small Ship, (GV) Ground Vehicle, (CV) Starship.
  • Armoured Thruster - (SV) Small Ship, (GV) Ground Vehicle, (CV) Starship.

Hello, this information is incomplete! there are three jets or movement blocks known.

Space/atmosphere jets: capable of space and planetary travel.

Atmosphere jets: limited to just planets with a breathable at, it is assumed to be more fuel efficient.

Hover thrusters: limited to just a few meters above a surface, it can move across water, but if disabled you will sink.

This information will be updated as more information is known.

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