Known Bugs and Issues

  • Space-planet transition is not yet optimized and still takes too much time
  • Missing terrain textures if you don't have DX11 (actually not a bug but current shader requires DX11)
  • Sometimes textures are missing on terrain (exit and resume solves this issue)
  • View through bug (if you are very close to a block then you can view through the block)
  • You still can use ship / base even though generator has passed its capacity (i.e., energy usage > 100%)
  • Doors cannot be opened if ship/base has no energy (i.e., you have to break into your own base)
  • You cannot move up/down in water yet
  • Issues when destroying a Core block: Please avoid destroying these blocks for now as they may cause issues with equipment on those grids
  • Bug when player dies while moving
  • Weight / capacity system not yet integrated (currently you can carry as much as your inventory slots allow)
  • You can shoot inside passenger seat
  • Ground vehicle: sometimes it gets stuck on small rocks
  • Damage system (ship collision) still work-in-progress.
  • Collider planets (sun shines through in space)
  • Sound ambiance (wind etc.) and particle effects (air) should not be inside base / spaceship
  • Water fluid system not yet implemented
  • Terrain deformations are not yet saved in the distance
  • Entry effect still work-in-progress: will be dependent on shape of spaceship and speed.