Oxygen Tutorial

Oxygen Tutorial

A player has points for health, food, oxygen, and stamina. Standard issue Empyrion Survival Suits provide 500 of each. Sprint Stamina recovers automatically, Health demands Medic Stations and Small Medikits and Antidote Pills, and along with Food comes in various forms at the Food Processor. Oxygen comes from Oxygen Stations (powered by devices called Oxygen Tanks) as well as from emergency Small Oxygen Bottles.

Food and Oxygen are always draining. Food and Oxygen, when the helmet is on, drain at a rate of 1 point per 10 seconds. A survivor therefore has about 1 hour 20 minutes before the suit cannot sustain them. Plus a few seconds to die.



  • Food: 500 units (max)
  • A full “stomach” lasts for around 70min realtime when player is idle (you use more food when walking (1.5x) and running (2x)
  • Foodbar can be replenished by eating collected or crafted Food items
  • For crafting, please refer to Food Processor Recipes (Overview) or Food Processor Recipes (Category)


  • Oxygen: 500 units
  • A full charge lasts for around 45min realtime when player is idle (you use more oxygen when walking (1.5x) and running (3x))
  • The Oxygen bar can be replenished by using an oxygen station.