The Plant Monster is a hostile fauna which can be found on the planet of Akua. The Plant Monster is distinct in being the only hostile fauna found on Akua.

The Plant Monster appears to have about 50% more health as a non-aggro Dinosaur, but it is a smaller target. It is estimated to have between 440 and 480 health, as it will usually take about 12 non-headshot hits from an assault rifle or pistol to kill it. Plant Monsters make a distinctive chattering - a normal chittering means the Plant Monster is acting normally, but that same chittering with an added hiss means that the Plant Monster has noticed, and is probably rushing towards, the player. Early in the game when the player only has a 10 round pistol, Plant Monsters can be a major threat. One way to avoid the fairly speedy monster is to use the jet pack, and to jump a few moments before it's attack. This will dodge the bite, and give the player time to reload.


Plant Monster

Attacks Player? Attacks any player it notices
Additional Damage Poison, Bite
Drops Fiber, Spoiled Food, Akua Fruit Sprout
Location Akua

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