The Research Lab is a base near the Asteroid Belt.



There are a total of 8 Plasma Turrets guarding the outside as well as many smaller turrets scattered throughout the inside of the base. The base is off and the turrets will not fire at your character.


The first level is has two covered hangers and one open hanger for small aircraft.

The second level is a room with five Small Generators, a Large Constructor, and 10 Cargo Boxes.

The third level contains the core of the base, just outside of the elevator. It also has several lounge items as well as a bathroom area and many decoration items. All of the plants in this base can be found in this level spread across three separate rooms.

The fourth level is a large exposed area for walking around the flat top of the base. This area allows for a great view of the planets.

The fifth level is a narrow exposed catwalk on the very top of the base.

Note: The levels of the base are not directly on top of one other. They are spread apart by large sections of Hull Blocks.


The Research Lab has three rooms that hold several plants on the third level.

Plant Quantity
Wheat 7
Pumpkins 12
Corn 5
Tomatoes 5
Aloe Vera 4
Akua Fruit 5
Space Durians 5
Kavae Beans 4

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