Tips and Tricks


CV = Capital Vessel

SV = Small Vessel 

HV = Hover Vessel (previously Ground Vessel - GV) 

BA = Base (planetary or orbital base)

PV = Patrol Vessel

Tips to building capital vessel / small vessel / hover vessel / base:

  • When you're placing a Starter for your vehicle (HV/SV/CV) it will be aligned to your crosshair's direction.
  • Note that HV, SV and CV have a “flight direction” and some blocks (e.g. cockpit, weapons) are automatically aligned according to the flight direction! This direction can not be changed without destroying entire vehicle. But it s perfectly possible to turn 180 degrees the direction of a cockpit do drive the Vessel backwards as if it was onward. Note that when you check the map it will be upside down though.

Inventory management timesavers:

  • Right-click on stack of items in inventory will leave half of the stack instead of taking all of it.
  • Shift+right-click will transfer only 1 piece of the stack to block's inventory.
  • If you use SHIFT+left-mouseclick on any item (or stack of items) in your inventory, it will instantly be transfered to your toolbar (panel on the left; 1-9) without having to drag&drop it.
  • If you open the inventory of a machine or container, there are two several possibilities to use SHIFT+left-mouseclick:
    • SHIFT+left-mouseclick on a stack or item in the machine or container inventory will move it to your inventory.
    • SHIFT+left-mouseclick on a stack or item in your inventory will move them to the machine/container inventory.
  • If you open the inventory of a fuel tank, SHIFT+left-mouseclick on a stack of fuel packs in your inventory will fill the inventory of the fuel tank to its maximum (given you have enough fuel packs). Same applies to oxygen station, oxygen tanks or similar machines/tanks, where each inventory item-slot only holds 1 item and no stacks.
  • For crafting many of the same item use SHIFT+left-mouseclick when clicking on Templates to create stacks of 10 at a time in the Construction Queue. The same applies for CTRL+left-mouseclick where you get a stack of 100 each click.